Monday, August 30, 2010

working out the kinks...

I had my first exam today. I was hoping it would feel kind of like this:It ended up feeling more like this:

There's always next week.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Before I start class next week, the School of Medicine asked me to complete a couple of personality assessment tests to figure out how I'm going to work. I just got some results:

The first one makes sense to me--I think it basically means I use my head and not my heart when making decisions. That's probably true for me in most areas, helpful in work, can be bad in dating. I like the results on the second one--I avoid conflict as a way to solve problems. I like that they told me this and then went on to explain how it could be a good thing--"well, you're a pretty bad problem solver, but at least you don't get into arguments over small stuff..." Right. It also tells me I like short meetings (true) and that I see conflicts as distractions from the final goal (probably).

Next they gave me a list of preferred careers (mind you that my dad took one of these when he was in high school and it told him that he should be a mailman...) and the top areas are Architecture and Engineering; Life, Physical, and Social Sciences; Business and Finance; and Legal. Is it just me or does that not narrow it down at all? It feels like a vague horoscope or a fortune cookie that doesn't have a real fortune (you have a strong personality). Good thing I've already made up my mind on what I'm going into.