Friday, June 25, 2010

White Rim Trail--Canyonlands National Park


I like making up words. Especially if the meaning of the new word can be easily deduced. Here’s one of my favorite Daveisms:

1. being able to have fun on a boat, used specifically in describing a girl
a. willing to be the first one to jump in, no matter how cold the water
b. wanting to try waterskiing/wakeboarding even if she hasn’t ever attempted it before
c. being not whiney in nature
d. enjoying the company of other people on a boat
e. appreciating of the setting of the lake/mountains/canyons where boating takes place

I guess I didn’t make up the word—it has a real definition that has to do with water that can be navigated by a boat, but I’m pretty sure I invented the definition I mentioned above. Boatable is on my list of requirements that make a girl datable. And I feel like it’s not asking too much because it’s not about being a good skier or wakeboarder so much as it is attitude. It doesn’t matter if a girl was raised on a lake or if she’s never set foot on a boat before. In fact, there are few things that are more attractive than a girl who wipes out 10 times trying to get up on a water ski for the first time and wants to keep trying.