Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What’s happened to my blog?

It’s funny, when I started this thing it felt like I would never run out of stuff to write about. I had all these stories and opinions that were dying to spill out onto the internet for people to read. I’m not sure, but I think that it may be a winter/summer thing because as we moved into Spring and now Summer the well kind of dried up. I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had time or energy to worry too much about the blog. And I am hesitant to make a travel log because I just don’t think it would be all that interesting to anyone buy me. That being said, I’ll give a general overview of what this summer has been like:


Barring a foot injury that has kept me from running over the last several weeks (it’s pushed me into swimming, actually), this has been the best summer of all time. Fortunately, the injury hasn’t kept me from waterskiing, sailing, biking, or barbequing. With the imminent end of my life of carefree fun at hand, I’ve made a serious effort to do as much as I possibly can over the last several months. It’s gotten to the point where the bishop’s wife asks me, “What was it this week?” every Sunday at church.

Part of what has made this summer great was the running. During the winter, I had my doubts about whether or not a marathon in April was a good idea because my training schedule kept me from skiing. I’ve discovered, however, that starting off the summer in marathon shape has made everything else more fun. I could pick up at any time and take off on a long run, hike, or bike ride without worrying about how long or difficult it would be. I’ll definitely do another marathon someday.

This aforementioned ‘death of the fun life’ is dramatically worded, but in a way it’s accurate. I won’t have time to do a lot of the things I enjoy doing. However, I have every intention of logging in some great running time as soon as my foot heals—running is likely to be the only thing that will keep me sane. Also, let it be known that I am nervous for school and I get more and more nervous as it gets closer. I hope I can hack it. And this is not a false modesty or anything like that. It’s been over a year since I last took a test or memorized anything. Hopefully the transition to school-mode won’t take too long.

Everyone I talk to who is in medical school has a different opinion about it. There are those who love it and those who hate it. It’s discouraging/intimidating when I talk to a second or third year student who tells me to go into dentistry. I usually try to end the conversation as quickly as possible and never speak to these people again. If you are toward the end of doing something hard, don’t ever look back at the people who are starting and tell them to quit because it’s hard. Even if you hate it.

Anyway, I digress. The point is: this has been the best summer of all time, even though I haven’t written much about it here. I hope your summer has been sweet too.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Every blog I've ever looked at has some article (post) titled "neglected," complete with an apology, an excuse, and a resolve to do better. I make no apologies, no excuses, and no resolves; but I would like to acknowledge that this blog has been neglected. And to state that I hope that the neglect isn't permanent and that doesn't just fade off into the millions of abandoned blogs on the world wide web. I may be slow and uninspired, but I'm no quitter.