Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yesterday I moved out of my parents house. Even though it is a temporary move, I already feel more grown-up. I went grocery shopping and, for the first time ever, bought generic brand stuff because it was cheaper. It's very strange.

Before moving out, I wanted to figure out the furniture situation so I made a diagram and drove to Ikea. I have to admit that before making this trip I was a bit of a furniture snob, which is weird because I didn't actually own any furniture. I have always had the impression that Ikea is the WalMart of the furniture world and, consequently, not worthy of my business. However, after buying and assembling my first stuff from Ikea I have to admit that I'm a fan. It reminds me of the Dan Aykroyd skit from SNL years ago for Mel's Char Palace.

Although I was afraid that the room would be much smaller in reality than it was on paper, it turned out fine. Here is the diagram and the finished product:


  1. TELL me a ruler and/or protractor was used in the diagramming of that bedroom.

    Place looks nice. Good work.

  2. Love it Dave! It looks great. You have plenty of room it seems. Very pleasing.

  3. Oh Davey. Nice sketch. Can't believe you have flown the coop, and the fishy sheets...or have you? Are they hiding under that bedspread???
    Nothing will make you appreciate your parents more than moving out on your own dime. Generics are delicious too.

  4. Dave, seriously? A diagram. Nerd.

  5. I decided the other day that I have been experiencing a severe lack of Dave in my life. So I hopped onto your facebook profile and found the link to your blog. It is hilarious enough that I have decided to become one of your (mindless) followers.
    It's great to get an update on your life!

  6. I wouldn't have recognized the room as yours if the red slippers weren't right by your bed. Where is the Far Side calendar?