Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marathon week: the plan

Much to my dismay, I woke up with a cold Monday. The timing is bad, but it could be worse. I outlined a plan for my body that should make it so I can run Saturday.

Monday: Lots of sinus pressure and a stuffy nose, a lack of energy, and some aches.

Tuesday: A slightly runny nose. More stuffy than runny. Occasional chills. Sore throat.

Wednesday: Start runny nose. Slightly sore throat. Not able to “pop” ears all day. Run three miles in the evening.

Thursday: Less stuffy, not able to taste anything, but generally feeling good. Sweetness.

Friday: Feel great. Taste buds are back. Breathing clear. No aches or tiredness. Run two miles and wish you could do another 24.2.

Saturday: Well rested, well fed, and healthy. Ready to kill the marathon.

I’m stoked for this, partly to get it over with and partly for the experience itself. It will be fun next week to go out for a run without planning beforehand how far and fast I need to go. Look here for a run down of the whole thing sometime this weekend.


  1. I wish so much that I could run you in. Remember telling me about your entire mission for 5.2 miles? "When I got there, the day was overcast..."

    I'll eat a GU tomorrow in your honor (my mouth is gummy with anticipation). Orange creme or vanilla bean?

  2. I hope your generic-brand power bars get you through. I'm proud of you!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning...all morning!!