Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The order of things


Even when it snows on the last day of March, it's still better than February.


  1. October > March > April > November > December > May > September > January > June > July > February > August

    August #1? It's hot, football hasn't started and basketball is over. The one sport months of the year (Feb/August) are the worst. October has baseball playoffs, basketball getting going, football in full swing, and lovely weather. March has March Madness, Spring Training, and stretch time in basketball and lovely weather (most of the time.)

    Let's talk through this more in depth over a BBQ soon.

  2. Agreed. And January is the absolute worst. It doesn't even give us more than a week to mourn the Christmas season. Too soon, January. Too soon.

  3. August #1 !!???!! That hot, dry, buggy, awful month??? Wow! June>May>October>September>December>November>July>April>August>February>January>March. I see a pattern--this was an interesting exercise. It would be fun to hear everyone's reasons for their choices. So glad March is going out with a snowstorm today--just punctuates my preference! And you have to admit, it's been an extremely LONG month. xoxoxoxo

  4. May=October>June>December>July>November>September>August=April>March>January=February. One word...inversion. That officially puts January and February tied in last place. Nasty, cold, worst months of the year. Not to mention that I spend the entire time missing the Christmas Season, and mourning over the pounds that I have recently accumulated. May and October are so nice. Mild weather, fun clothes, change of seasons, and good sports. Love it!

  5. August>July>December=November>June=May>October=September>April>>>>March>>>>January>>>>>>>>>>>>(infinity)February

    Davey and I claim and celebrate August as our month of birth. Any self-respecting Leo would be the same.