Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday I got a response from Wrigley’s about my awesome recommendation for improving the packaging of Starburst Jellybeans. While my reason for writing them a letter was not entirely because I thought I might get something free in response, I was still very disappointed with what they sent me: no free jellybeans, no free puppy, not even an original letter—I got a form letter. With a fake signature. Do they honestly get so many questions/comments by mail that they can’t write a quick, original letter in response? I wish I were angry enough to boycott. Maybe I’ll just switch over to lifesaver jellybeans for a while.


  1. I thought for sure that you'd get a coupon at least. Rats! You should know, though, that Life Saver jellybeans are made by Wrigley (wow, I hate that I know that), so it wouldn't be a true boycott. A delicious one, but not a good one. Try SweeTarts. (I just revealed WAY too much about myself here.)

  2. Dear Amy-
    "Chip clips are for quitters." You are definitely not a quitter. In fact, you are a GO-GETTER, adventuresome, and willing to sample new things. Now that is really saying something about you.
    Love, Kath
    P.S. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your mantra which I have lovingly adopted and will always attribute to you, whoever you are.

  3. Davey- try writing your Senator.