Friday, March 12, 2010

Keeping a blog

I’ve been putting stuff on this blog for three or four months now and I’ve come to some conclusions about the experience.

1. It is fun. I like writing stuff down: telling stories, writing opinions, or saying whatever. I don’t know that I’m necessarily any good at it, but I enjoy it.

2. It is a nice creative outlet. Like playing the guitar or drawing, creative writing gets some of the creative juices flowing.

3. I’m not comfortable with the verb “to blog”. This may be because I still associate it with scrap booking, which is largely a woman’s world, I feel. Consequently, I prefer to think of it as writing stuff and putting it on the internet for people to read—with some pictures to help illustrate.

4. Comments are good. From friends, family, or random strangers, I like it when people tell me what they think. Comments make me want to write more.

5. It makes me see life as more of an adventure. I’m always looking for stories I can tell about things that happen to me. Even the unpleasant experiences usually make for good stories, even if I don’t get around to putting them up here. This is nice.

6. Because I keep a blog, I feel better about reading other people’s blogs. Whereas before it would have been kind of creepy, now I’m part of the community, so it’s cool. I like reading other people’s blogs because I get to see all sorts of writing about all sorts of stuff.

7. I’m glad I haven’t limited my blog to one topic. From what I’ve seen, some people have blogs dedicated to movie reviews, restaurants, cakes, or whatever. I like reading said blogs, but I’m glad that I don’t have any restrictions for my writing.

8. I hope it’s not boring. For some odd reason, I really don’t want to lose readers. I’m guessing that everyone who keeps a blog feels the same way.

9. I’ve discovered that I’m a few years behind the curve, as usual. Turns out blogging has been popular for a long time. Just like ankle socks and iPods, it took me a few years to come around.

10. The 2004 version of Word doesn’t have the word “blog” in its spell check. I’m with Microsoft (for once); I think we should come up with a new word for it.


  1. i still read and like your blog. one thing i don't like about it is that you have to break 150 codes before you can leave a comment. i think you should take off the thing that makes us read squigly words. then you'd prob get more comments.

  2. I have to agree with Rebekah. I don't get the special super-code-comment thing. I also have to say that I enjoy your comments/commenting on your blog more than any other blog I read. I laugh out loud at almost every post. You are a good writer but more importantly, an entertaining one. I get sad when you don't post for a few days. Don't tell anyone, but I check your blog a couple times a day waiting for the next tasty morsel. I suppose you could almost compare it to a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans. Hard to quit once you've started. xoxo

  3. Dave, really? "A woman's world"? What is that about? Are you sexist? I honestly had no idea. It makes me reconsider our next Nertz rematch.

  4. M'kynzi, how many guys do you know who are into scrapbooking? No, I'm not sexist. Prove me wrong--name 5 guys you know who have ever scrapbooked anything. I dare you. And I think you're afraid of a rematch.

  5. 1. James Granger
    2. George Eastman
    3. AJ Christensen
    4. Rob Walker
    5. Damon Darlin

    Bring on the rematch, Dave.