Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things that must go

Things that must go:

1. The word “doppelganger”.
2. The concept of a celebrity doppelganger. Nobody cares what famous hot person you think you look like.
3. The Facebook.
4. Red traffic lights.
5. Lobbying in politics.
6. “One million percent yes”. This makes no sense and is a ridiculous thing to say.
7. Smog.
8. The name Jimmer. He may be great at basketball, but he needs to get this changed as soon as possible.
9. Dudes who ONLY talk about girls. It gets so annoying after a while.

For fear of sounding negative (I know some of you were thinking it), here is a short list (it could go on for a while) of things that must never go:

1. Skiing.
2. Winter days that feel like Spring.
3. iTunes.
4. The Red Iguana.
5. Settebello.
6. Night hikes.
7. St. George.
8. Local bands.
9. 4th gear (I love shifting into fourth gear for some odd reason).
10. Nertz.
11. Rachel McAdams.
12. My niece, Savannah, asking, “Where’s Davey?” every time she calls my house.
13. Jerry Kaplan.
14. Cousins.
15. Digital cameras.
16. Running.
17. My parents playing Beatles Rockband with me.
18. Acoustic guitars.


  1. Jimmer really is an awful name. Isn't one million times yes from a movie? I swear I have heard it in a chick flick.

  2. So honored that S made it on the "keep" list. I think there will always be a special place in her heart for her Davey. I hope she calls you Davey for the rest of her life. It is fantastic.
    A few more suggestions for the second list:
    In N Out

  3. Get Rid of:
    -People wearing sunglasses on the back of their head
    -Shortening whatever into "whatevs"
    -People you ask you to do them a "flavor"

    -Chunga's, Lonestar Taqueria, Shambala
    -Glass-bottled soda
    -Fried chicken
    -Living the dream
    -Art's festival, farmers market, etc.
    -The ice carving championships
    -Used books

  4. Matthew's list is funny, whoever he is.

    also, i would take away twitter and the word verification to leave comments on your blog.

  5. I would like to add homeless men hanging out in the library to the list of things that must go.

  6. i love that you love shifting into fourth.

    everybody's celeb doppelganger looks better than them, so what's the point? all these people are saying is, "i'm not the hottest."

    plus, the word really means this: a ghostly counterpart of a living person.

  7. It is also my dream to host a world Nertz tournament... and I'm from Texas too! I hope oneday that will happen. Right now we are just trying to get enough people together to make it possible. Just search the National Nertz Association and you will find us!