Saturday, February 13, 2010

Currently I am


this musical duo

The dude in the background playing instruments is a little weird, but I'm pretty sure I could listen to this girl sing all day and be entertained.


  1. I checked them out and I love them too. Yeah, the guy is weird, especially on the violin. But I find the style appealing. Love "Beat It" and a few other covers they do. Nothing like Garage Band on the Mac to make you famous. Maybe we should post our first number--"The Schnaz"--thanks to the inspiration of G's nose-blow. Just think, we could be famous too.

  2. Their name means grapefruit in French.

    Can I be famous with you and Kath? I can play piano.

  3. did you delete that post about nertz? i think you did, but it still came up in my google reader, so i'm glad i still got to read it.

  4. I did delete the post about nertz. I was censored by my parents for being mean and negative. "What if that guy ever finds it?" they said. I said I wouldn't care because he deserved to know what a downer he was being but then my conscience got the best of me. But I'm glad I posted it because someone witht the screenname nertzfan (who is also from Texas) read it and shared that he/she also wanted to host a world nertz tournament. Cheers to the internet.

  5. I'd like to take on Nertzfan myself.

    You have a following. Nice.