Friday, January 8, 2010

Where have you gone, Weezer?

One of my favorite childhood groups is dead to me. It’s not that I hate new Weezer music—it’s all right, but it’s different. I still listen to the old CD’s and I love them just as much as the first time, the new ones are like the background on my computer—cool for about a week. I never used to criticize bands for “selling out” because I realize that they are in a business, and in order to eat they have to sell music. That’s fine. For groups like the Goo Goo Dolls or Muse it actually makes their music better. But Weezer went from being a real expression of the teenage/college experience (specifically that of our generation) to being cheap flashes in the pop-chart pan. Look at these lyrics from their first album:

“You walk up to her, ask her to dance,
she says ‘hey baby I just might take a chance’.
You say it’s a good thing, that you float in the air,
That way there’s no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces”

So it’s not Shakespeare, but it’s creative and at least it’s not these from their latest album:

“Monday to Sunday I hit up the clubs,
and everybody knows me when I pull up.
I got a real big posse with me, yeah, I’m deep.
And if you’re looking for me I’m in VIP.”

Did the same person write both songs? Maybe. How about another example, from their second album, Pinkerton:

“I wish I could get my head out of this one,
‘cause I think we’d make a good team.
And you could keep my fingernails clean.
But that’s just a stupid dream that I won’t realize,
‘cause I can’t even look in your eyes without shakin’
and I ain’t fakin’, I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon”

Again, not terribly beautiful, but at least it’s honest. How about these from the latest CD:

“Satin tights, boots of white…
used to mean a little, now means a lot,
oh, my goodness me, the girl got hot.”

So to my beloved Weezer of the 90’s I say rest in peace. Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy. Please come back someday when you don’t need any more money.


  1. i like how both of samples you chose of better weezer lyrics mention fingernails or toenails.

  2. you know who else is dead to me? green day. 21 guns? laaaame. also madonna.

    and michael jackson, but for different reasons...

    inappropriate? couldn't tell, so i went for it.

  3. Yeah, I agree about Weezer. "MY NAME IS JONAS..." I still love that song. I'm afraid it's Dave Matthews for me. Dead. Gone.