Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charts and graphs

I've always found that my brain tries to associate what I'm learning at school with real life. For example, the other day as I was walking to my car I saw a spot on the sidewalk and thought, "that looks like a simple squamous epithelium." For this reason I become less and less sociable the longer I'm in school.

One of the things they've got me studying right now is statistics. We try to figure out different types of studies and how the are expressed as graphs. This means that my brain is starting to put ideas into graph form spontaneously. Here's a graph of my social abilities (y-axis) compared to years of medical school (x-axis):


During the last couple of years I've made some friends who went to BYU. One of the best parts about these friends is that I get to hear all of the bad date stories from when they were at school down there. It seems like they have more stories than anyone else (it's almost like the Y invented bad dates, which may not be far from the truth). So here is a graph of number of bad dates (y-axis) compared to years at the Y (x-axis):


Here's how much I want a fall break compared to weeks of school:


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