Friday, August 13, 2010


Before I start class next week, the School of Medicine asked me to complete a couple of personality assessment tests to figure out how I'm going to work. I just got some results:

The first one makes sense to me--I think it basically means I use my head and not my heart when making decisions. That's probably true for me in most areas, helpful in work, can be bad in dating. I like the results on the second one--I avoid conflict as a way to solve problems. I like that they told me this and then went on to explain how it could be a good thing--"well, you're a pretty bad problem solver, but at least you don't get into arguments over small stuff..." Right. It also tells me I like short meetings (true) and that I see conflicts as distractions from the final goal (probably).

Next they gave me a list of preferred careers (mind you that my dad took one of these when he was in high school and it told him that he should be a mailman...) and the top areas are Architecture and Engineering; Life, Physical, and Social Sciences; Business and Finance; and Legal. Is it just me or does that not narrow it down at all? It feels like a vague horoscope or a fortune cookie that doesn't have a real fortune (you have a strong personality). Good thing I've already made up my mind on what I'm going into.


  1. They made us take the first one at work and then take an entire day to discuss our results. After that full day my feelings towards this test were the same as my feelings towards the aptitude tests I took in high school... But according to our results we are polar opposites.

  2. I love that you scored so high on "thinking" and, apparently, you don't "feel" anything at all. I have to seriously disagree with you on that one. You are too introspective to not be intuitive and your writing betrays your lack of feeling.

    Did the results tell you what kind of girl is your perfect match?