Friday, May 7, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

Do Mexicans think “Nacho Libre” is funny?

What does it mean to “move your hips like, yeah?”

When Hollywood runs out of remakes and sequels will they start remaking sequels?

Speaking of sequels, when/why did they stop making ‘Land Before Time’ movies?

What’s with grown-ups wanting to be on the facebook?

When/how/why did Steve Martin become unfunny?

When not at work, what does the world’s fastest hot dog eater do?

Twitter? Seriously?



  1. No comments??? What is with that??? I guess no one has the answers.

    Speaking of remakes...what of Karate Kid, starring a Chinese man? I just can't wrap my brain around Mr. Miagi being played by Jackie Chan--HELLO, KUNG FU, NOT a karate guy. Is Jackie Chan the ONLY martial arts expert Hollywood could get their greedy hands on? Do they think we are that stupid??? Riddle me that!!
    Hard to imagine this new Karate Kid providing us with any classic quotable lines ("Put him in a body bag!!" or "Johhny your a cream puff!") like the original.

    I DON'T want to be on the facebook. Does that mean I am not a grown-up? (Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.)

    When did "tweet" become a verb?

  2. Okay, I'll bite.

    What? Steve Martin not funny? Anyone who plays the banjo is funny.

    Like Kath, I do not want to join the facebook. Any excuse for adults to behave like children is something I hope to avoid (um, except for hoarding candy in sneaky places. But that's genetic; right, Mom?)

    I want to know why, where I live, it's okay for every restaurant, from Italian to Mexican, to serve tater tots? A mexi-tot still wants ketchup, not salsa. And tots just don't belong in a tortilla or in pasta, EVER.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why the blog posts have simply stopped....