Monday, December 7, 2009


Part of a good college education includes learning to hate Walmart. In more than one of my college classes we had lengthy discussions on the evils of The Superstore and how it makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. I blame Walmart for higher health care costs (I once heard that they hire senior citizens to be greeters for 39 hours per week so that they don’t have to pay them benefits), messing up the economy by manipulating suppliers, eliminating small businesses, over-filling landfills by selling junk, and making people feel like they need things they don’t. I once read a statistic that the average Walmart shopper visits the store four times per week. So, I feel like I should be part of the solution, not the problem—I never shop there. I don’t care if I can save money or if it’s the only place to get rice-crispy treat cereal, I refuse to be swayed.

Last weekend I was swayed. But it wasn’t my fault. I got a $25 gift card for volunteering at the hospital. Why the University of Utah Hospital is choosing to cooperate with the devil of the business world is beyond me. Maybe we really are classless. So, at the prospect of $25 of free junk, I went. But I had a plan. First, I parked as far away from the entrance as possible (because don’t all Walmart shoppers drive around for ten minutes until they get a front row spot?). Already feeling like I was sticking it to Sam Walton, I made the trek across the parking lot. Then, as I entered the store I kept my eyes to the ceiling, knowing perfectly well that situated between me and my goal (the DVD section) were countless stands strategically placed to hypnotize me into buying products I didn’t come for. After arriving at my destination I quickly searched until I found Star Trek (one of the best movies of 2009, by the way), when, to my dismay, Walmart threw me a curve I wasn’t expecting: regular DVD or blu-ray. My hands got a little sweaty as I tried to weigh out the options—they were both the same price, which didn’t help.

“But I don’t own a blu-ray player, or an HDTV,” I thought.

“But you might someday,” said Walmart.

“Well, I guess that’s true.”

“It comes with a digital copy, you can watch it on your computer until you get a blu-ray, which you can buy here only for $147.99.”

What can you say to that? So I got the blu-ray version and got out of there as fast as I could (didn't want anyone to see me). It wasn’t until I got home that I fully came to realize the extent of my failure. Walmart had won. I bought something that I can’t even use, with the hopes that someday I will have the means. I hate that place. On an unrelated note, does anybody have a blu-ray player that’s interested in watching a movie?


  1. On the flip side, you walked at least two miles. The first was the length of the ginormous parking lot meant to house every car within a 10-mile radius of the store. And you walked at least another mile because there is no direct route through the store, you are FORCED to walk all the way around every gimmicky set-up of items you don't need and have no use for. I'll bet you could tell us all what a jumbo pack of diapers costs. I'm pretty sure they purposely misplace the directional signs to walk you through every department before you arrive at your destination. I too hate Walmart--ranked right up there with smoking. Equally as dangerous for us all.

  2. i feel like a creep commenting on all your posts but i really liked this one and have something real to contribute.

    last time ashlee went to wal-mart, she shopped for almost an hour, picking out the exact items we wanted to put into melissa's b-day present. she ended up in line behind an irritable couple and in front of an insane one. they couples got into a fight, possibly something physical although i can't verify that, and bugged ashlee so much that she threw her intended purchases on a display and walked out of the store. present-less.

    the moral is: wal-mart is awful.

  3. I thought you’d like to know I just got on Kellogg’s website and searched where else I could by rice crispy treat cereal but Walmart in the only store within 30 miles that carries my favorite treat. Sadly Walmart wins again.

  4. You almost stuck it to the man, sometimes it is the thought that counts... P.S. welcome to the blog world!

  5. I went to walmart once. And every day I hate myself for that decision. If you want a good lecture on the evils of walmart, let me know. Few people hate that place like I do.